Best Air Fresheners for Home with Pets

Best Air Fresheners for Home with Pets
Best Air Fresheners for Home with Pets


Pets bring joy and companionship into our homes but they also come with their unique odors that can sometimes be less than pleasant. From muddy paws to litter boxes, pet related smells can linger in our living spaces. 

There are various air fresheners specifically designed to combat these odors and keep our homes smelling fresh and clean.

In this guide we will explore the best air fresheners tailored for homes with pets, considering factors like effectiveness, safety and ease of use.


Maintaining a fresh-smelling home is essential for pet owners who want to create a welcoming environment for themselves and their furry friends. Air fresheners play a crucial role in neutralizing pet odors and enhancing indoor air quality.


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Understanding the Importance of Air Fresheners


Impact of Pets on Indoor Air Quality: Pets, while beloved members of the family, can contribute to indoor air pollution. Dander, fur and pet accidents release airborne particles that can affect respiratory health and overall comfort.

Common Odors Associated with Pets: Pet odors vary depending on the type of pet and their habits. Common smells include urine, feces, wet fur, and general pet muskiness. These odors can become particularly noticeable in confined spaces.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Air Fresheners for Homes with Pets 


When selecting an air freshener for a pet friendly home, several factors should be taken into account:

Pet-Friendly Ingredients: Opt for air fresheners that contain pet safe ingredients, free from harsh chemicals and toxins that could harm your furry companions.

Effectiveness Against Pet Odors: Choose air fresheners specifically formulated to tackle pet odors rather than merely masking them with strong fragrances.


Types of Air Fresheners Suitable for Homes with Pets


Several types of air fresheners are suitable for homes with pets:

Plug-in Air Fresheners: These devices emit continuous fragrance and are convenient for long-term odor control.

Aerosol Sprays: Aerosol sprays offer quick and targeted odor elimination but should be used sparingly to avoid overwhelming pets.

Gel Air Fresheners: Gel-based air fresheners provide subtle, continuous fragrance release and are safe for use around pets.

Essential Oil Diffusers: Essential oils offer natural odor elimination and can be diffused safely in pet-friendly homes.


Best Practices for Using Air Fresheners in Homes with Pets


To maximize the effectiveness of air fresheners while ensuring the safety and comfort of your pets, follow these best practices:

Proper Ventilation: Ensure adequate airflow in your home to prevent the buildup of airborne pollutants and maintain a healthy indoor environment.

Avoiding Overuse: Use air fresheners sparingly to prevent overwhelming your pets with strong scents, which could cause respiratory irritation.

Regular Cleaning: Maintain cleanliness in your home by regularly cleaning and removing pet-related messes to prevent odors from becoming ingrained in fabrics and surfaces.


Top 4 Air Fresheners for Homes with Pets

  1. Glade PlugIns Refills Air Freshener

  2. Citrus Magic Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener

  3. Glade PlugIns Air Freshener

  4. Nature’s Miracle Air Care


Glade PlugIns Refills Air Freshener

  • Brand: Glade
  • Scent: Exotic Tropical Blossoms
  • Item Form: Oil
  • Price: $23.96(When reviewed)


About this item


Elevate the ambiance of any space and indulge in comfort with the Glade Exotic Tropical Blossoms PlugIns air freshener for your home. Meticulously formulated by expert perfumers, this set of ten air freshener refills brings forth a delightful blend of Monoi Blossoms, Melon, and Coconut Milk notes, evoking the essence of tropical paradise.

Experience tropical serenity with our electric fragrance oil warmer, offering twice the adjustability compared to prior Glade models, ensuring up to 50 days of uninterrupted diffusion of the exotic tropical blossoms fragrance. 

The simple process involves removing the refill cap and seamlessly inserting it into the Glade plug-in warmer. Then, effortlessly plug the warmer into any outlet and tailor the fragrance level to suit your desired ambiance.

Enrich your living space with Glade’s PlugIn air freshener, enriched with invigorating essential oils, to make every moment at home truly inviting and refreshing.


Citrus Magic Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener

  • Brand: Citrus Magic
  • Scent: Lavender Escape
  • Item Form: Solid Air Freshener
  • Price: $11.94(When reviewed)


About this item


Discover the enchantment of our exclusive odor-eliminating formula, designed to absorb unpleasant odors while refreshing the air swiftly. Citrus Magic Air Fresheners provide continuous, long-lasting 24/7 action, effectively banishing stubborn household smells commonly found in troublesome areas such as bathrooms, pet zones, closets, and beyond.

Conveniently position the container in various spots throughout your home and revel in the enduring, refreshing fragrances. What sets our product apart is its commitment to safety and being free from harsh chemicals like parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and more. Experience peace of mind knowing you have consistent odor relief from pesky smells like smoke, cooking odors, pets, and mildew. It’s as if odors vanish into thin air like magic!


Glade PlugIns Air Freshener


  • Brand: Glade
  • Scent: Clean Linen
  • Item Form: Liquid
  • Price: $24.42(When reviewed)


About this item


Enhance any room’s ambiance and embrace comfort with the Glade PlugIns Clean Linen Starter Kit air freshener, tailored for your home. Crafted by seasoned perfumers, this starter kit features two fragrance warmers and six fragrance oil refills, boasting notes of crisp air, fresh laundry, and lily of the valley.

Maintain a pristine atmosphere with our electric fragrance oil warmers, offering twice the adjustability compared to prior Glade air freshener holder warmers, ensuring up to 50 days of uninterrupted diffusion of clean linen room fragrance. 

The process is effortless: simply remove the cap from the refill and seamlessly insert it into the Glade plug in fragrance warmer. Then, plug the oil warmer into any outlet and tailor the fragrance level to suit your desired ambiance.

Experience the warmth of home with Glade’s PlugIn air freshener starter kit and fragrance refills, all infused with essential oils, promising to make every moment at home truly inviting and refreshing.


Nature’s Miracle Air Care

  • Brand: Nature’s Miracle
  • Scent: Lavender & Vanilla
  • Item Form: Spray
  • Price: $13.44(When reviewed)


Introducing Mop & Glo Professional Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner, the ultimate solution for cleaning, shining, and protecting your floors. Our exclusive SHINE LOCK formula ensures a long-lasting shine while also protecting against everyday scratches.

This versatile cleaner is safe to use on various surfaces including tile, vinyl, hardwood, marble, linoleum, ceramic, and no-wax floors, making it a convenient choice for all your cleaning needs.

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Natural Alternatives to Commercial Air Fresheners

For pet owners seeking natural alternatives, consider the following options:

Baking Soda: Absorbs and neutralizes odors in the home.

Vinegar: Acts as a natural deodorizer and disinfectant when diluted with water.

Fresh Plants: Certain plants, such as spider plants and Boston ferns, help purify indoor air and add a natural fragrance to your home.


Pros & Cons



  • Effective Odor Elimination: The best air fresheners for homes with pets are highly effective at eliminating pet odors, leaving your living space smelling fresh and clean.


  • Long-lasting Fragrance: Many top-quality air fresheners offer long-lasting fragrance, providing continuous odor control for extended periods.


  • Convenience: Air fresheners come in various forms, including plug-ins, sprays, gels, and diffusers, offering convenient options for every household.


  • Pet Safety: Pet-friendly air fresheners are formulated with ingredients that are safe for pets, ensuring that your furry companions remain healthy and happy.


  • Customizable Scents: Some air fresheners allow you to customize the intensity and type of fragrance, enabling you to find the perfect scent for your home.


  • Ease of Use: Air fresheners are easy to use and require minimal maintenance, making them a hassle-free solution for controlling pet odors.


  • Chemical Sensitivities: Some pets may be sensitive to the chemicals or fragrances found in air fresheners, leading to respiratory issues or allergic reactions.


  • Overpowering Fragrances: Certain air fresheners may have strong fragrances that overpower the senses, causing discomfort for both pets and humans.


  • Dependency: Regular use of air fresheners may lead to dependency, where your nose becomes accustomed to the artificial scents, making it challenging to detect underlying odors.


  • Environmental Impact: Traditional air fresheners often contain chemicals that can contribute to indoor air pollution and harm the environment when released into the atmosphere.



Choosing the right air freshener for your home with pets is essential for maintaining a clean and inviting environment. By considering factors like pet safety, effectiveness, and longevity, you can find the perfect solution to keep your space smelling fresh and welcoming.


Are air fresheners safe for pets?

It depends on the ingredients. Look for pet-safe formulas and avoid products containing toxins harmful to animals.

How often should I change air freshener refills?

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for optimal scent and effectiveness, usually every 30 to 60 days.

Can essential oils harm pets?

Some essential oils are toxic to pets. Consult with your veterinarian before using essential oil diffusers around animals.

Do natural alternatives work as well as commercial air fresheners?

Natural alternatives can be effective for mild odors but may not offer as long-lasting or potent fragrances as commercial products.

What should I do if my pet shows signs of sensitivity to air fresheners?

Discontinue use immediately and consult with your veterinarian if your pet exhibits any adverse reactions to air fresheners.

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