Best Commercial Drip Coffee Maker

In the world of coffee enthusiasts and business owners, the quest for the perfect cup of coffee is an ongoing journey. A key player in achieving this goal is the commercial drip coffee maker. Understanding the nuances of these machines is essential to selecting the best one that suits your needs and preferences.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Commercial Drip Coffee Maker

When delving into the market, several factors demand your attention. Capacity, brewing time, temperature control, durability, and ease of maintenance are pivotal considerations. Choosing a machine that aligns with your establishment’s demands ensures a seamless coffee brewing experience.

Top Features of the Best Commercial Drip Coffee Makers

The market boasts a myriad of features, each contributing to the overall functionality of commercial drip coffee makers. Programmable brewing, carafe choices, specialty options, and water filtration systems elevate the brewing experience, catering to diverse consumer preferences.


Reviews of Top 5 Commercial Drip Coffee Makers in 2024


Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker

  • Material: Copper
  • Capacity: 2.8 Pounds
  • Features: App-controlled, Programmable, Jug, Timer, Removable Tank, Thermal
  • Price: $240.99

About this item

  • SCA-CERTIFIED – Experience a barista-quality cup of coffee right from your counter with this stylish, SCA-certified coffee maker that has been rigorously tested to ensure your coffee is consistently delicious.
  • WIFI ENABLED – Adorn your kitchen with this beautifully designed smart coffee maker that can be controlled with the SmartHQ app, Alexa, and Google Home. Voice-to-Brew controls deliver a conveniently connected perfect cup, every time.

Start your day with a perfectly brewed coffee using the drip coffee maker from Café. This coffee maker is certified to the highest standard by the Specialty Coffee Association, ensuring that your coffee is brewed to Golden Cup perfection every time. You can connect the coffee maker to your smartphone using the SmartHQ app and control the strength, size, and temperature of your brew from anywhere. You can even schedule up to 10 cups of coffee in advance. With four unique brewing modes to choose from, including Gold, Light, Medium, and Bold, you can customize your coffee to your liking. The precision coffee maker allows you to brew your coffee at any temperature between 185 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If you’re looking for a line of countertop appliances that match the design of your Café kitchen, the Expressions Collection is perfect for you. These appliances are not only stylish but also packed with innovative features to enhance your coffee-making experience.


  • Exceptional Brewing Performance: The Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker is renowned for its precise brewing capabilities, ensuring a consistently flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee.
  • Customizable Brewing Options: This coffee maker offers a range of customizable settings, allowing users to adjust factors such as brew strength and temperature to tailor the coffee to their preferences.
  • Stylish Design: With a sleek and modern design, the Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen or coffee station, making it aesthetically pleasing.


  • High Price Point: One of the main drawbacks is the potentially high cost associated with the Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker. The advanced features and design come at a premium, making it less budget-friendly for some consumers.
  • Limited Availability: Depending on your location, the Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker may have limited availability in retail stores, requiring consumers to purchase it online or from specialized suppliers.
  • Space Requirements: The stylish design may come at the cost of a larger footprint. Those with limited counter space may find it challenging to accommodate this coffee maker.



The Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker is a top-tier choice for those who prioritize advanced features and customization in their coffee brewing experience. However, it may not be ideal for budget-conscious consumers or those seeking a more straightforward brewing process.


West Bend 58002

  • Material: 42 Cups
  • Capacity: Aluminum
  • Features: Manual
  • Price: $66.84


About this item

  • If the coffee grind is too coarse there is too little coffee used, or if the grounds need to be tamped sufficiently before brewing, the pressure may not be adequate for a proper brew.
  • The amount of espresso extracted may vary depending on the grind size and amount, and reprogramming may be necessary when the size and amount are adjusted.
  • This product is NSF-certified and can brew one cup per minute. The brewing indicator light will illuminate when the brewing process is complete. It also has automatic temperature control to keep the coffee hot for hours. The heat-resistant base, twist-to-secure cover, and two-way dripless faucet make for easy serving.

Serve coffee with modern style and practical features using the West Bend 58002 42 Cup Aluminum Coffee Urn. This urn has a two-way dripless spigot and a twist-to-secure lid with stay-cool handles and a base for safe operation. The interior has water level marks, and a bright indicator light tells you when the coffee is ready to be served. The urn can brew quickly at less than one minute per cup and is intended for light-duty, non-commercial use only. Its dimensions are 9.69 inches in length, 10.08 inches in width, and 17.32 inches in height. 


To avoid any issues, please note the following guidelines: 

– Never make less than the minimum or more than the maximum amount of coffee for your coffee urn. 

– Do not use soft water as it can cause flooding of the basket. 

– Use regular electric perk grind coffee or coffee grounds for all coffee makers for the best results. Do not use drip or finely ground coffee as it can cause the coffee basket to flood. 

– If you are grinding your coffee beans, grind them to medium coarseness for the best results. Avoid grinding the coffee too finely, powder-like, as this can cause the coffee basket to flood.



  • Automatic Temperature Control: The West Bend 58002 features automatic temperature control, ensuring that your coffee is consistently brewed and maintained at an optimal temperature for serving.
  • Large Capacity: With its generous capacity, this coffee urn is ideal for catering events, conferences, or any setting where a large volume of coffee is required, eliminating frequent refills.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed with highly polished aluminum, the coffee urn is not only durable but also resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring a long lifespan with proper care.
  • Quick Brewing: The commercial-grade design allows for fast brewing, making it efficient for serving a large number of people in a relatively short amount of time.


  • Lack of Programmability: Unlike some modern coffee makers, the West Bend 58002 may lack programmable features, limiting the ability to set specific brewing times in advance.
  • Single-Beverage Functionality: While versatile, it primarily serves as a coffee urn, and users seeking a multi-beverage option with additional features may need to explore other alternatives.
  • Limited Portability: Due to its large capacity and construction material, the coffee urn may be relatively heavy and less portable compared to smaller, more lightweight models.


In summary, the West Bend 58002 Highly Polished Aluminum Commercial Coffee Urn offers several advantages for those needing a large-capacity, durable, and efficient coffee brewing solution. However, potential buyers should consider factors such as programmability, portability, and maintenance requirements based on their specific needs and preferences.


SYBO 12-Cup Commercial Drip Coffee Maker

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 12 Cups
  • Feature: Electric Stovetop Compatible
  • Price: $259.99

About this item

  • An efficient drip coffee maker that can brew a full pot of coffee in less than 10 minutes is now available. This 12-cup commercial-grade coffee machine is perfect for busy mornings. Plus, the filter is reusable. 
  • This coffee maker is easy to operate with its warmer pads that can keep both pots of coffee warm. You can also make a fresh pot of coffee while keeping another pot warm on the top warmer. The on/off indicator light shows the working status of the machine.
  • The proprietary lid and spout design of the coffee maker helps prevent spills and messes. The spout arcs the pour of the coffee into the cup and wicks back any dribbles into the coffee pot, keeping your cup and counter clean.

With 30 years of experience in manufacturing research and development of stainless steel kitchenware, SYBO is committed to providing you with the finest range of products. Imagine having this 12-cup coffee maker in your home or office, where brewing a fresh, hot cup of coffee is a breeze. Ensure that your mornings begin with a perfect cup of coffee by simply having this coffee maker within your reach.



  • Large Capacity: The SYBO 12-cup Commercial Drip Coffee Maker is designed to cater to larger groups or busy environments, making it suitable for offices, events, or commercial settings.
  • Quick Brewing: With its commercial-grade design, this coffee maker can brew a substantial amount of coffee in a relatively short time, ensuring a steady supply for high-demand situations.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed with durability in mind, the SYBO coffee maker is often made from sturdy materials, contributing to a longer lifespan with proper care.


  • Limited Capacity for Large Events: While suitable for many scenarios, the 12-cup capacity may be insufficient for extremely large events or settings with exceptionally high coffee consumption.
  • Size and Weight: Commercial coffee makers tend to be larger and heavier than home-use machines. Users with limited counter space or those seeking a more portable option may find this model less suitable.
  • Noise Level: Some commercial coffee makers, including the SYBO, may produce more noise during the brewing process compared to smaller, residential models.



In summary, the SYBO 12-Cup Commercial Drip Coffee Maker offers a range of advantages for those needing a reliable, large-capacity brewing solution. However, potential buyers should weigh factors such as size, noise, and maintenance requirements against the benefits to ensure the coffee maker aligns with their specific needs and preferences.


Commercial CHEF Coffee Maker

  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 0.75 Liters
  • Features: Manual
  • Price: $38.70


If you’re looking for a quality drip coffee experience in the comfort of your home, the COMMERCIAL CHEF 5-cup coffee maker (measuring 10.43” x 8.1” x 12.6”) is the perfect solution. Weighing in at 2.65 lbs., this coffee machine brews in just 6 minutes and keeps your coffee warm for up to 2 hours. So you can have your coffee ready and waiting for you whenever you need it.


And, if you prefer pour-over coffee, we offer one of the best pour-over coffee pots on the market. Our pour-over coffee maker set comes with a pour-over funnel and filter so you can enjoy the ultimate coffee experience. It’s lightweight and compact, making it the perfect companion for travel or hotel stays. With this coffee maker, you can always have access to quality coffee wherever you go.


This impressive coffee pot has a water tank capacity of 0.75L, which is enough to make 5 cups of coffee. Whether you prefer dark or light roasts, you can savor the nuanced flavors of your favorite coffee and start your day off right.



  • Compact Design: The Commercial CHEF Coffee Maker is often designed with a compact footprint, making it suitable for settings with limited counter space or for users who prefer a more streamlined look.
  • Affordable Price: Commercial CHEF coffee makers typically offer a budget-friendly option for those seeking a commercial-grade machine without a hefty price tag.
  • Ease of Use: Designed with simplicity in mind, the Commercial CHEF Coffee Maker is user-friendly, allowing even novice users to operate the machine without complications.



  • Limited Aesthetics: The design of the Commercial CHEF coffee maker may be more functional than stylish, offering limited aesthetic variety compared to premium models.
  • Potential for Noise: Depending on the specific model, the Commercial CHEF Coffee Maker may produce more noise during the brewing process compared to higher-end, quieter alternatives.
  • Single-Beverage Functionality: It may primarily focus on brewing coffee and lack the versatility to handle other hot beverages or specialty coffee options.




In summary, the Commercial CHEF Coffee Maker is a practical choice for those seeking an affordable and compact commercial-grade coffee maker. However, users should consider factors like brewing capacity, features, and long-term durability based on their specific needs and preferences.


Moccamaster 53935 KBGV Select 10-Cup Coffee Maker

  • Capacity: 40 Fluid Ounces
  • Material: Glass, Metal, Copper
  • Features: Auto Shut-Off
  • Price: $379


About this item

  • Get the Perfect Cup of Coffee Every Time with the Moccamaster Select Coffee Maker! This coffee maker doesn’t require a pump, instead, it heats water to the perfect temperature for optimal coffee extraction. Plus, you can easily choose to brew a full 40 oz pot or a half carafe using the Brew-Volume Selector switch.
  • The Moccamaster Select is incredibly user-friendly – just flip one switch and it’ll brew a full pot of coffee in 4-6 minutes. You won’t have to worry about safety or noise either, as this coffee maker operates quietly and automatically turns off after 100 minutes.

Introducing the new Moccamaster KBGV Select, which allows you to easily brew either a half or full carafe of coffee with just a quick flip of the selector switch. This coffee maker comes with a glass carafe and an automatic drip-stop brew basket that stops the flow of coffee when the carafe is removed. The KBGV Select can brew a full 40 oz carafe of coffee in just four to six minutes. Once the brewing process is complete, the coffee is kept warm on the hot plate. The hot plate has an independent heating element that ensures your coffee is held at the perfect temperature, regardless of the amount you’ve brewed.



  • Drip-Stop Feature: The drip-stop feature allows users to pause the brewing process, allowing them to pour a cup before the full pot is finished without making a mess.
  • Thermal Carafe: The thermal carafe helps keep the coffee hot without the need for a heating plate, preventing the coffee from developing a burnt taste over time.
  • Quiet Operation: Compared to some other coffee makers, the Moccamaster 53935 KBGV Select operates relatively quietly, making it a more pleasant experience for users.


  • No Built-in Grinder: Unlike some coffee makers, the Moccamaster 53935 KBGV Select does not include a built-in grinder, requiring users to grind their coffee separately.
  • Limited Aesthetics: While build quality is a highlight, the design may be considered more functional than stylish, and users seeking a coffee maker with a specific aesthetic may find limited options.
  • Learning Curve: The customization options may have a learning curve for users who are new to specialty coffee brewing, requiring some experimentation to find the perfect settings.



In summary, the Moccamaster 53935 KBGV Select 10-Cup Coffee Maker is a top-tier choice for those who prioritize quality, precision, and customization in their coffee brewing experience. However, potential buyers should consider factors such as price, counter space, and desired features to ensure it align with their specific needs and preferences.



  • Q: What features should I prioritize when choosing the best commercial drip coffee maker?
      • A: Consider factors such as brewing capacity, temperature control, durability, ease of maintenance, programmability, and additional features like thermal carafes or specialty brewing options.
  • Q: Are there commercial drip coffee makers suitable for small businesses or home offices?
      • A: Yes, many commercial coffee makers come in various sizes, including compact models suitable for small businesses or home offices with moderate coffee consumption.
  • Q: How often should I clean and maintain my commercial drip coffee maker?
      • A: Regular cleaning is essential for optimal performance. Daily cleaning routines and monthly maintenance, including descaling, are recommended to ensure longevity and the best-tasting coffee.
  • Q: Can commercial drip coffee makers brew beverages other than coffee?

A: Some models offer versatility, allowing the brewing of hot water for tea or other beverages. However, it’s essential to check the specific features of each coffee maker.

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