Best Side Opening Ovens

Side Opening Ovens
Side Opening Ovens


In the ever evolving world of kitchen appliances, side opening ovens have emerged as a game changer. These ovens, with doors that elegantly swing open from the side, provide an exceptional fusion of accessibility and style.

As culinary enthusiasts increasingly seek appliances that not only meet their cooking needs but also complement their kitchen aesthetics, side-opening ovens have witnessed a surge in popularity.


Advantages of Side-Opening Ovens

One of the primary advantages of side-opening ovens lies in their unparalleled accessibility. Unlike traditional ovens with doors that open downwards, side-opening models allow users to reach in without bending over a hot door.

This design is particularly advantageous for individuals with physical limitations, elevating the overall user experience.

Furthermore, the integration of safety features in these ovens adds to their increasing appeal, rendering them a pragmatic choice for households with children.


Top 4 Side Opening Ovens


  1. LUBY Large Toaster Oven

  2. Oster Convection Oven

  3. NutriChef 30 Quarts Kitchen Convection Oven

  4. Elite Gourmet ETO-4510M 



LUBY Large Toaster Oven

  • Material: Iron
  • Capacity: 55 Liters
  • Product Dimensions: 16.14″D x 22.04″W x 14.37″H
  • Price: $118.26 (When reviewed)

Enhanced Countertop Oven – Accommodating a 14-inch pizza, capable of roasting a 20-lb turkey, baking family-sized cakes, or preparing a delectable tenderloin, with the added convenience of fitting 24-cup muffin trays comfortably.

Boasting four rack positions, allows you to handle more culinary tasks simultaneously. Interior dimensions measure 16-3/8 W x 15-7/8 D x 8-1/2 H (from upper element to rack at the lowest position).

Innovative French Door Design – Engineered for efficiency, the French door configuration ensures that the door’s open position doesn’t encroach upon valuable countertop space, enhancing ease of use during operation.

Precision Temperature Control – Featuring separate temperature selectors for upper and lower racks, granting you precise control over cooking temperatures. This enables you to set dual temperatures, catering to different food items concurrently, and providing unparalleled cooking flexibility.

User-Friendly Controls & 60-Minute Timer – Seamlessly set your desired temperature and cooking duration with easily adjustable knobs. The built-in auto shutoff and audible signal bell offer reassurance that your culinary creations won’t overcook once the set time elapses.

Rapid & Uniform Heating – The Luby electric oven ensures swift and consistent heating through its four heating tubes. Ideal for broiling turkey and fish, baking pizzas and cookies, toasting bread, and maintaining food warmth, delivering exceptional performance across a range of culinary applications.

Upgraded Aesthetics – The three knobs have undergone a design update, now featuring distinct marking lines for improved visibility, allowing users to discern the knob’s direction more easily.

Comprehensive Components – The package includes the machine body, bake tray (1 Pc), wire rack (1 Pc), and tray handle (1 Pc), providing you with everything needed for a seamless cooking experience.


Oster Convection Oven

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 24 Cubic Inches
  • Product Dimensions: 20.15″D x 23.8″W x 15.1″H
  • Price: $192.91 (When reviewed)

Effortless Accessibility – The single door pull design enables the opening of both doors with a simple one-handed motion, ensuring ease and convenience during use.

Precision Digital Controls – Take the guesswork out of cooking with digital controls that provide accurate cooking time and temperature settings, allowing for precise culinary results.

Turbo Convection Baking Technology – Experience faster and more even cooking with the advanced turbo convection baking technology. The result is consistently browned and delicious dishes. The exterior boasts a durable premium stainless steel finish for long-lasting quality.

Versatile Cooking Options – Equipped with two racks, this oven offers maximum cooking flexibility. The oven control feature allows for slow cooking at a preset temperature of 150°F, with an adjustable time of up to 6 hours, providing you with a wide range of culinary possibilities.

Spacious Interior – The extra-large interior can easily accommodate two 16-inch pizzas, making it ideal for cooking larger meals. The preheat setting ensures that the oven reaches the precise temperature required for accurate and efficient cooking.

Convenient Timer Feature – A 90-minute timer with a signal ensures that the oven turns off automatically, offering peace of mind and preventing overcooking.

High-Quality Construction – The stainless steel finish not only provides a premium look but also ensures durability. It’s important to note that this product contains aluminum and stainless steel (iron, chromium, nickel, manganese, phosphorus), indicating a sturdy and robust construction.


NutriChef 30 Quarts Kitchen Convection Oven

  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 30 Liters
  • Product Dimensions: 16″D x 19.6″W x 13.5″H
  • Price: $166.42 (When reviewed)


Dual Functionality – NutriChef’s PKRTO28 is a versatile kitchen oven featuring dual hot plates in both large and small sizes. Beyond that, it offers various cooking styles, including baking on a tray, grilling with a griddle, toasting, turbo cooking, rotisserie, broiling and roasting.

Intuitive Control Console – Effortlessly adjust cooking time, temperature, and functions using the front panel’s rotary controls.

The user friendly design includes a convenient cooking lamp and an easily accessible glass door, enhancing the overall cooking experience. The built-in 60-minute timer ensures consistently optimal results.

Powerful Performance – With a robust 1400-watt power capacity, this kitchen convection oven incorporates an energy-efficient heating element.

The dual hot plates boast power ratings of 1000 watts (large) and 600 watts (small), while the maximum temperature setting reaches 450 °F.

Generous Capacity – Cook for a crowd with the toaster oven’s expansive 30+ quarts capacity.

Despite its ability to handle large quantities, it maintains a compact footprint, measuring precisely 19.6’’ x 16.0’’ x 13.5’’, making it an ideal fit for any kitchen countertop or tabletop.

Easy Maintenance – The convection toaster oven roaster is designed for easy cleaning, featuring stain-resistant housing, a convenient slide-out tray, and a removable grill rack.

The accessible glass door simplifies the cleaning process, and with a weight of 28 lbs, it remains manageable for regular use.

Safety Features – The appliance includes an automatic shutoff mechanism for enhanced safety, ensuring peace of mind with a 60-minute timer. Additionally, the burner offers a single temperature setting, streamlining the cooking process while prioritizing safety.

Elite Gourmet ETO-4510M 

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 45 Liters
  • Product Dimensions: 13.98″D x 21.06″W x 15.55″H
  • Price: $124.99 (When reviewed)

Spacious 45L Capacity – Accommodate 9 slices of toast on 2 racks, totaling 18 slices, or roast a 7lb turkey effortlessly.

The versatile four rack positions can fit up to 2 x 14″ pizzas, with interior dimensions measuring 16-3/8 W x 15-7/8 D x 8-1/2 H (from upper element to rack at the bottom position).

Innovative French Dual Door Design – The dual door design allows you to open either one or both doors simultaneously, efficiently saving valuable counter space.

Take advantage of the four rack positions to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, optimizing your cooking efficiency.

Convection Feature for Enhanced Cooking – Experience flakier crusts, deeper flavors, and more tender meats in less time with the convection feature, which circulates hot air inside the oven.

The rotisserie spit and fork assembly rotates food during roasting, ensuring perfection in every bite.

Independent Temperature Control – Customize your cooking experience with independent temperature knobs allowing precise control up to 450°F for the top and bottom heating elements.

Choose to activate one or both elements simultaneously. The 60-minute timer with an automatic shutoff signal adds convenience and peace of mind.

Elegant Stainless Steel Design – Elevate your kitchen aesthetic with the stylish stainless steel door handle, frame, and panel.

The oven door is constructed with safety-tempered glass, providing durability and visibility. Cleaning up is hassle-free with the slide-out crumb and grease tray, ensuring a pristine cooking environment.


Features to Look for in Side-Opening Ovens


Capacity: Assess the oven’s size to ensure it accommodates your cooking needs, considering both the volume and dimensions.

Cooking Features: Explore the range of cooking options, such as convection baking, broiling and specialty settings, to match your culinary preferences.

Energy Efficiency: Opt for models with energy-efficient ratings to reduce environmental impact and save on utility costs.

Smart Technology: Look for ovens with smart features like remote control, Wi-Fi connectivity, and compatibility with home automation systems for added convenience.

User-Friendly Design: Consider intuitive controls, clear displays, and well-lit interiors for a seamless and enjoyable cooking experience.

These features ensure that your chosen side-opening oven not only meets your basic cooking requirements but also aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.


Comparison of Side-Opening vs. Traditional Ovens


When weighing the choice between side-opening and traditional ovens, consider the following aspects for a comprehensive comparison:

Design Differences: Evaluate how the doors open; side-opening ovens swing to the side, offering a unique accessibility advantage, while traditional ovens typically have doors that open downward.

User Preferences: Understand your cooking habits and preferences. Some users find side-opening ovens more convenient, especially in terms of reaching into the oven without bending over.

Utilizing Kitchen Space: Consider the layout of your kitchen. Side opening ovens might be more suitable for tight spaces or kitchens with specific design constraints, providing installation flexibility.


How to Choose the Right Side-Opening Oven


Selecting the right side opening oven involves thoughtful consideration of several factors to ensure it aligns perfectly with your needs and preferences. Here’s a guide on how to make the best choice:

Consider Your Cooking Needs: Evaluate your cooking habits and the types of dishes you frequently prepare. Ensure the oven you choose has the features and cooking options that match your culinary requirements.

Assess Your Kitchen Layout: Take into account the layout of your kitchen. Measure the available space to ensure the side-opening oven fits seamlessly into your kitchen without compromising functionality or obstructing other appliances.

Set a Budget: Determine your budget before exploring options. Side-opening ovens come in a range of price points, so having a clear budget will help you narrow down choices without overspending.

Read Customer Reviews: Tap into the experiences of other users. Customer reviews provide valuable insights into real world performance, durability and any potential issues with specific models. Look for patterns in feedback to make an informed decision.


Installation and Maintenance Tips


Professional Installation: Opt for professional installation to guarantee that your side-opening oven is correctly set up. Certified technicians can ensure proper connections and adherence to safety standards.

Thoroughly Read the User Manual: Before installation, carefully review the user manual provided by the manufacturer. It contains specific guidelines and instructions tailored to your particular oven model.

Level the Oven: Ensure that the oven is level during installation. Proper leveling not only contributes to its efficient functioning but also prevents issues such as uneven cooking.

Prioritize Ventilation: Confirm that the oven is adequately ventilated during installation. Proper ventilation enhances overall performance and prevents the risk of overheating.

Regular Cleaning Routine: Clean the oven regularly to eliminate food residues and prevent the buildup of grease. Pay special attention to door seals and hinges as these areas can accumulate dirt and impact the oven’s efficiency.


Eco-Friendly Options


For consumers who prioritize environmental sustainability, delving into the realm of budget friendly side-opening ovens is a commendable pursuit. Opting for energy-efficient models and supporting brands with a dedicated commitment to sustainable manufacturing actively contributes to diminishing your ecological footprint. Choose in a way that aligns with your values, creating a kitchen environment that reduces it is impact on the environment.


Pros & Cons




Accessibility: The side-opening design allows for easy access to the oven’s interior, making it convenient for users of all ages and abilities.

Safety Features: Many side-opening ovens come equipped with safety features, reducing the risk of burns and accidents and making them a safer option, especially for households with children.

User-Friendly Design: The layout of side-opening ovens often provides a more ergonomic and user-friendly experience, eliminating the need to reach over a hot oven door.

Space Efficiency: Side-opening ovens can be a space-efficient choice, especially in kitchens with limited room, as they may be more accessible in tight spaces.

Aesthetic Appeal: The unique design of side-opening ovens adds a modern and stylish touch to kitchens, enhancing the overall aesthetic.




Limited Model Availability: Side-opening ovens may have fewer available models compared to traditional ovens, limiting choices for consumers.

  • Learning Curve: Users accustomed to traditional ovens may experience a learning curve with the side-opening design, as it requires a different approach to loading and unloading.
  • Installation Challenges: Professional installation is often recommended for side-opening ovens, potentially adding to the overall cost and installation time.




In conclusion, the realm of side-opening ovens opens a door to a new era of kitchen convenience and style. The unique design with doors swinging open from the side, brings a host of benefits, including enhanced accessibility, safety features and a user friendly experience.

The appeal extends beyond functionality, with side opening ovens making a bold statement in modern kitchens, adding a touch of sophistication.

However, it is crucial to weigh the pros and cons carefully. While the accessibility and safety features make side-opening ovens stand out, considerations such as limited model availability and potential installation challenges should be taken into account.

The price point, although sometimes higher, may be justified by the added convenience and aesthetic appeal.




Are side-opening ovens suitable for all kitchen layouts?


Side-opening ovens are adaptable to various kitchen layouts, but it’s essential to consider your specific space and needs.


Do side-opening ovens require professional installation?


Professional installation is recommended to ensure optimal performance and safety.


Can side-opening ovens be integrated with smart home systems?


Many modern side-opening ovens come equipped with smart features, allowing integration with home automation systems.


Are side-opening ovens energy-efficient?


Yes, there are energy-efficient models available, contributing to a greener kitchen.


What is the average lifespan of a side-opening oven?


The lifespan of a side-opening oven can vary, but proper maintenance and care can extend its longevity.

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