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Wall Oven Public Ananker
Wall Oven Public Ananker


In the ever evolving landscape of kitchen appliances, discovering the perfect wall oven that seamlessly integrates efficiency, innovation and reliability can pose a considerable challenge.

Modern kitchens are leaning towards a sleeker look, driving the need for space-saving gadgets through the roof. 

This surge in demand has particularly skyrocketed the popularity of 24 inch wall ovens. Within the confines of this article we embark on an exploration into the realm of wall ovens with a particular emphasis on the diverse and quality offerings presented by Publican Anker.


Publican Anker: A Brand You Can Trust

When it comes to kitchen appliances, Publican Anker stands tall as a name you can rely on. In the vast landscape of the kitchen appliance industry, Publican Anker has carved out a niche as a trusted brand.

Its stellar reputation is a testament to its unwavering commitment to delivering quality and embracing innovation. For homeowners in search of dependable and high-performance kitchen appliances, Publican Anker has emerged as the preferred choice.


Our Top 4 Wall Oven Publicananker


  1. Empava Stainless Steel 24″ Built-in Single Wall Ovens

  2. Galanz GL1BO24FSAN Electric Convection Wall Oven

  3. Empava 24 Inch Electric Single Wall Oven

  4. Empava EMPV-24WOB14



Empava Stainless Steel 24″ Built-in Single Wall Ovens

  • Item Weight: ‎64 pounds
  • Material Type: Stainless Steel
  • Product Dimensions: 23.43 x 20.67 x 23.43 inches
  • Price: $591.00 (When reviewed)

Designed and Engineered in the USA with 2 Years US Based Manufacture DOUBLES the usual industry for an exceptional quality single wall oven Compatible to installation under any Empava induction or gas cooktop

Empava 24 in multi-functional under counter electric single wall oven is ideal for family meals with zero effort and offers you the flexibility you need to make all your favorite dishes with precision and flair 4 basic cooking techniques that are also capable of multi-purpose such as RVs light cooking family small kitchen or mobile home use

How do you like a roast shiny juicy seasoned chicken that smells and tastes amazing and makes foodie drool? With 2 3 cu ft ample cooking capacity 5 rack positions a baking tray and rack will also turn your oven into a Thanksgiving turkey roaster

All Empava wall ovens are equipped with triple layer tempered glass plus LOW-EMISSIVITY coating technology Low-E glass not only heats up your oven up to 250% faster using less energy but also keeps the outside of the oven cool to the touch avoiding burns and injury prevents children from harm keeping your home and family safe

Enjoy minimal cleanup with an easy-to-clean stain and heat discoloration-resistant surface enamel tank requiring only a quick wipe down at the end of the cycle will provide you with a durable oven for years to come

Galanz GL1BO24FSAN Electric Convection Wall Oven

  • Item Weight: 93.7 pounds
  • Capacity: 24 Inches
  • Product Dimensions: 23.4 x 22.4 x 23.4 inches
  • Price: $769.99 (When reviewed)

Advanced Cooking Technologies for Exceptional Results: Experience culinary excellence with our 24-inch electric single wall oven, featuring True European Convection Oven and cutting-edge TotalFry 360 Technology.

The appliance is equipped with an Airfry function, complete with a dedicated Airfry basket and accessories, ensuring a versatile and convenient cooking experience.

Healthier Airfrying with Minimal Oil: Revolutionize your cooking with the Airfry function that utilizes super-hot air to cook your meals with minimal oil.

The powerful 3400 Watts ensure thorough penetration of hot air, cooking your food evenly while locking in moisture, resulting in irresistibly crispy and flavorful dishes.

Versatile Cooking Options: Elevate your culinary skills with 10 preset cooking modes, including Airfry, pizza, convection broil, convection bake, bake, max broil, defrost, keep warm, roast, and turbo.

Whether you are air frying a snack or roasting a hearty meal, this wall oven offers a wide range of options to suit your culinary preferences.

Optimal Size for Your Kitchen: With a perfect 24-inch size, our electric single wall oven boasts a spacious 2.3 Cu.Ft capacity, providing ample space for your cooking needs.

The product dimensions of 23.4”×22.4”×23.4” ensure a seamless fit into your kitchen layout.

User-Friendly Interface: The LED digital touchscreen simplifies the cooking process, allowing you to effortlessly set the time and temperature.

Enhanced visibility is provided by the interior light, enabling you to monitor your cooking progress without opening the door.

Comprehensive Components for Complete Convenience: The package includes 1 Wall Oven, 1 Food Tray, 1 Crumb Tray, 1 Oven Rack, 1 Air Fry Basket and 1 Power Cord, ensuring that you have all the necessary components for a hassle free and enjoyable cooking experience.


Empava 24 Inch Electric Single Wall Oven

  • Item Weight: 71.6 pounds
  • Capacity: 2.3 Cubic Feet
  • Product Dimensions: 23.43 x 22.64 x 23.43 inches
  • Price: $589.99 (When reviewed)


Certified for Safety and Reliability: Our wall oven is ETL-certified for use in both the US and Canada, ensuring compliance with rigorous safety standards. The product features approximate dimensions of 23.42 in. W x 23.83 in. D x 23.6 in. H, with cut-out dimensions of 22.24 in. W x 22.64 in. D x 23.42 in. H. Inside, the spacious interior measures 17.48 in. W x 16.57 in. D x 13.78 in. H, providing ample space for culinary creativity.


Powerful and Efficient Cooking: Boasting 3200 watts, 240 volts/60hz, and a 20-amp breaker requirement, our wall oven is equipped to handle your cooking demands. The included rotisserie adds versatility to your kitchen, enhancing your culinary repertoire.


Premium Design and Durability: With a generous 2.3 cubic foot capacity, heavy-duty professional-style racks, and a sophisticated black ceramic interior, our oven exudes a premium look and feel. The broil element adds the perfect touch to brown your favorite desserts and veggies, and hidden heating elements facilitate easy cleaning.


Smart Cooking Features: Experience the efficiency of convection cooking, distributing hot air evenly over, under, and around your food for faster results. The preheat function eliminates cold spots, ensuring even baking by heating the entire oven, including walls and racks, to the correct temperature.


User-Friendly Controls and Convenience: The glass touch controls allow for quick and effortless temperature and time adjustments. The Control Lock feature enhances safety by preventing accidental oven activation. Delay bake lets you prepare in advance, and the digital timer and accurate temperature settings ensure perfect and precise cooking results.


Organized and Visible Cooking: The oven includes a 5-layer shelf for convenient placement of the grill grate and baking tray. The large oven window and halogen lighting offer a clear and bright interior, minimizing the need to open the door to check progress and providing a clear view of your dish’s status.

Empava EMPV-24WOB14

  • Item Weight: 71.6 pounds
  • Capacity: 2.3 Cubic Feet
  • Material Type: Stainless Steel
  • Price: $639.99 (When reviewed)

Crafted and Engineered in the USA with Extended Warranty: Meticulously crafted and engineered in the USA, our single wall oven proudly comes with a remarkable 2-year US-based manufacturer warranty—double the standard industry warranty.

This commitment to excellence ensures an exceptional quality appliance. It is designed to seamlessly install under any Empava induction or gas cooktop for a cohesive kitchen setup.

Versatile and Effortless Cooking Experience: The Empava 24-inch multi-functional under-counter electric single convection wall oven elevates your culinary endeavors with zero effort.

Tailored for family meals, it offers the flexibility needed to prepare all your favorite dishes with precision and flair. It is versatility extends to various settings, making it suitable for RVs, and light cooking in small kitchens or mobile homes.

Enhanced Cooking Capacity for Perfect Roasts: Imagine indulging in a perfectly roast, shiny, juicy, and seasoned chicken that captivates the senses. With a generous 2.3 cu. ft. cooking capacity and 5 rack positions, including a baking tray and rack, this oven transforms into a Thanksgiving turkey roaster, ensuring memorable feasts.

Powerful Convection Cooking for Uniform Results: The robust convection cooking system circulates heated air over, under, and around your food, facilitating rapid preheating and uniform cooking. This technology eradicates cold spots, guaranteeing even baking as every part of the oven, including walls and racks, is heated to the correct temperature.

Innovative Design with Safety Features: Empava wall ovens feature triple-layer tempered glass coupled with LOW-EMISSIVITY coating technology. This not only accelerates heating by up to 250%, conserving energy but also keeps the oven exterior cool to the touch, preventing burns and injuries. The control lockout ensures child safety, contributing to a secure home environment for your family.


Benefits of 24-Inch Wall Ovens

In the realm of kitchen appliances, the 24 inch wall oven emerges as a true game changer.

Compact yet powerful these ovens bring a myriad of advantages that not only elevate your cooking endeavors but also enhance overall kitchen efficiency. Discover the unique advantages that make 24 inch wall ovens a smart and practical choice for modern homes.


Top Features to Look For


Convection Cooking Technology:

  • Ensures even heat distribution for consistent and efficient cooking.

Smart Functionality and Connectivity:

  • Allows you to control and monitor your oven remotely, providing added convenience.

Energy Efficiency:

  • Opt for models with energy-efficient features to reduce environmental impact and utility costs.

Multiple Cooking Modes:

  • Versatility in cooking options such as baking, broiling, roasting, and more.

Easy-to-Use Controls:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly control panels enhance the overall cooking experience.

Self-Cleaning Function:

  • Simplifies maintenance by minimizing the need for manual cleaning.

Temperature Precision:

  • Accurate temperature control ensures precise cooking results.


Comparative Analysis of Publican Anker Models

Publican anker offers a range of 24 inch wall oven models, each with its unique set of features. By comparing these models, users can make informed decisions based on their specific requirements, whether it’s advanced cooking capabilities or user-friendly interfaces. Real customer reviews play a vital role in understanding the actual performance of these models in everyday kitchen scenarios.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials:

The true test of any kitchen appliance lies in the experiences of those who use it daily. Publican anker boasts positive customer reviews and testimonials, showcasing the satisfaction of users with their 24-inch wall ovens. Real-life stories of seamless cooking and reliable performance provide valuable insights for potential buyers.


Installation and Maintenance Tips

To maximize the benefits of a 24-inch wall oven, proper installation and maintenance are crucial. This section provides a step by step guide on how to install these ovens, ensuring a hassle free setup. Maintenance tips are also shared to prolong the lifespan and efficiency of the appliance.


Cooking Tips and Recipes

Unlock the full potential of your 24 inch wall oven with specialized cooking tips and delicious recipes. From baking to roasting these tips cater to the specific features of these ovens allowing users to explore a variety of culinary delights.


Warranty and Customer Support


Publicananker takes pride in its customer-centric approach, evident in its warranty policy and efficient customer support. Understanding the warranty coverage for your 24-inch wall oven offers peace of mind, and knowing that reliable customer support is just a call away adds an extra layer of confidence in your purchase.



  1. Innovative Technology:
    • Public Ananker integrates cutting-edge technology for efficient and advanced cooking.
  2. Reliable Performance:
    • Known for consistent and reliable oven performance, ensuring even cooking results.
  3. Space Efficiency:
    • Designed to fit into compact kitchen spaces without compromising on functionality.
  4. Smart Connectivity:
    • Some models offer smart features for remote control and monitoring, adding convenience.
  5. Energy Efficiency:
    • Public Ananker emphasizes energy-saving features, reducing environmental impact and utility costs.


  1. Premium Price Tag:
    • Public Ananker’s quality comes at a cost, with some models priced higher compared to competitors.
  2. Limited Model Variety:
    • The range of 24-inch wall oven models might be limited, providing fewer choices for specific preferences.
  3. Complex Features for Some Users:
    • The advanced features, while beneficial, may be overwhelming for users seeking a more straightforward cooking experience.



In wrapping up, finding the perfect 24-inch wall oven requires careful thought about features, the reputation of the brand, and real user feedback. Publicananker stands out as a dependable option, blending innovation, efficiency and satisfied customers. Upgrade your kitchen with a 24 inch wall oven that not only maximizes space but also brings a touch of sophistication to your culinary pursuits.




Q: Can a 24-inch wall oven replace a traditional oven?

A: Yes, 24-inch wall ovens are designed to offer similar functionalities as traditional ovens, making them suitable replacements.


Q: What is convection cooking, and why is it important in a wall oven?

A: Convection cooking involves a fan circulating hot air, ensuring even heat distribution, which is crucial for consistent cooking results.


Q: Are Publicananker wall ovens easy to install without professional help?

A: Publicananker provides user-friendly installation instructions, but professional installation is recommended for optimal results.


Q: How do I connect my smart-enabled Publicananker wall oven to my home network?

A: Follow the step-by-step guide in the user manual to connect your smart oven to your home network effortlessly.


Q: What makes Publicananker’s 24-inch wall ovens eco-friendly?

A: Publicananker integrates energy-efficient technologies and materials, reducing environmental impact.

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